[Bug] [Tab]+[Tab] not working

This is an error report.

Screenshot of the error

Error details

While doing example 5.4 I ran the launch command in shell 1, and when I do the second command in shell 2, it gives me this error

Can you show us what you got after pressing TAB TAB, before pressing ENTER? Most likely, what you had was malformed perhaps because TAB TAB was not pressed fast enough.

I just copy and pasted the command snippet from the workbook. Am I supposed to click on the tab key? If so. is there a consistent output that I can expect, so does it vary depending on the service?

Yes, you are supposed to omit the TAB TAB from the command and press the TAB key twice in quick succession instead. That’s the “autocomplete hack” for Unix-like shells, not peculiar to ROS.

The output varies by what you are “calling” or when and where you press it (try using it for anything on the web shell)

For this case, ROS (working with the shell program) autocompletes the service message structure for you, as explained right below the command (in the notebook).

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