[Bug] the script test_process.py

This is an error report.

Screenshot of the error

Error details

script test_process.py copied form left side and inserted in test_process.py file have errors when run rosrun command

i think you should copy it agine and paste it up dont use vi

I see, that the lines in the code editor looking strange (red lines)…
Please make sure, that there are not too much empty spaces between the command promts.

Have you copied / edited in " vi " ? Or in the code editor on the top?

i think he/she copied in vi
so i think it will be solved in the editor if he/she pasted it there

@AlexeiBG alternatively, you could enter paste mode in the vi editor to avoid the indents- see my previous post on this: Exercise 3.1: IndentationError - #6 by ernest.cheong.ec

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