Building and Rosifying a Robot from Scratch


I want to build the robot from the “Building and Rosifying a Robot from Scratch” but the magician chassis seems to no longer be in stock or will take over a month to arrive. I just wanted to know if there are any easy alternatives to this because I would really like to do this project.

Thanks for your time.

Hello @makdderrick,

Yes, you can look for any other alternative similar to the Magician Chassis. Just at look at the contents of the magician chassis kit and look for any alternative which is available in your country. For instance, here you have one:

In this case, you would need to add an extra layer in order to accommodate all the boards:

Another alternative is to go for the Jetson Nano course ( Maybe it’s easier for you to get the hardware for this Course.


Thanks so much for your help, I think I will build the nvidia jetson nano robot instead, but all of the links to the webpage for it within the course notebbok show an empty screen (I’m using this link:

Sorry about that broken link. We’re working on fixing it and will let you know once it’s fixed.


I just wanted to check in about the ignisbot broken link. Is there an estimate to when it will be up, and also what is the price and delivery time (I am from the US)?

Hi @makdderrick,

The page is up now, thank you for your patience!