Building the physical robot

when i use the command sudo pip install picamer i get an error saying sudo: pip: command not found.
doesnt seem to work, i installed ubuntu mate 20.04 onto my raspberry pi4 4gb version pls help in this regard.


The pip command has to be installed also in barebones systems:

For python 2

apt-get install python-pip

For python3

apt-get install python3-pip

when i use the first command it says unable to locate the package, second one works though.

i tried to use the instructions i installed pip apparently pip2 wont work in ubuntu mate 20.04 anymore, but i used sudo pip3 install picamera to install the picamera library which does get installed but again when I follow the instructions in the constructism webpage which uses python commands to check whether picamera works or not, when I type camera=picamera.PiCamera() i get an error saying failed to create MMAL component b’’:function not implement. also raspicam_node package isnt available for ROS noetic yet so im unable to run catkin_make. in short ubuntu mate 20.04 is uncompatible with picamera and raspicam_node doesnt work either. if you have any updates regarding this pls help for now 16.04 seems to be the best ubuntu version for the raspicam and the raspinode and works best with the tutorial build your own robot course.


Unfortunately its true, Ubuntu20 Noetic ROS system doesnt support well raspicam I’m afraid. It doenst mean its not possible but the examples and course were developed for kinetic ubuntu 16

okay, thank you for the reply i did try to run catkin_make in noetic and it gave me some errors but raspicam_node gives no errors when i do he same in melodic. I think the error in noetic comes from the inability to install the required raspberry cam packages using pip.