C++ version of Python Courses

Most courses are in python. Are are plans to provide c++ versions of all the courses. I would like to work on C++ rather than python.


Hello @cshreyastech,

Yes, that is the original idea, at least for the most popular courses. However, we are a small team and can’t dedicate enough time for this right now. So the answer would be that yes, there are plans to add more courses in C++, but it’s not our priority right now.

At present, the courses we have in C++ are ROS Basics and ROS2.

Thanks for your feedback and let us know any other comments you might have related to our Academy.


Thanks @albertoezquerro. I would like to try building the python projects in C++. Will the provided workspace with python projects support building them in C++?

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Hi @cshreyastech,

Yes, the workspace supports both python and C++ at the same time. If you run into any problems trying that, please let us know.