Camera 2d-Lidar extrinsic calibration ros2 foxy


I really need help regarding the extrinsic calibration between camera and 2d LiDAR of turtelbot3. All available packages are for ros, the only package i found of foxy was for the camera intrinsic calibration. Is there any way to calibrate both sensors and get extrinsic parameters using ros2 foxy? also is there anyway to project the lidar points into the 2d pixel image?

thanks a lot


Have you tried this tutorial already?

thanks for your answer. yes i have tried it but the thing it is only intrinsic calibration and for the camera. I don’t receive the extrinsic parameters and at the same time it does not calibrate the 2d lidar too.

i did an extrinsic camera calibration and i received the extrinsic parameters of the camera, now i have to project the 2d lidar laser or points at the image frame. is that possible with ros2?

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