Can I control robot using ROS Development Studio?

I like this educational website that can help me to control robots.
I heard there is ROS Development Studio in this website.
Can I control the real robot using this web-based ROS studio?
And Can I save my date in this web?

Thank you.


So some information about this feature:

  1. This feature is ONLY for universities, not for individuals. We will open it to individuals in the near future.
  2. For the moment is only for connecting to the real robot that we have in our system. To external robots not yet.

Hope this info was usefull.

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Hello @duckfrost, does that mean that this tutorial is not valid for individuals anymore (at the moment)? How to use Real Robot Connection in ROS Developement Studio - The Construct
I have a real Turtlebot3 Burger that I thought I could could connect to RDS for SLAM & Navigation, but in the RDS workspace there is no open to choose real robot but only Simulation:(