Can I reproduce the worlds and the simulation in my local?

Hello, regarding to this:

can I reproduce the worlds and the simulation in my local? because I couldn’t use ps faux (the same solution) now.

Our course simulations are public, so yes. But I don’t recommend trying to transfer it to a local system especially if you are a beginner.

Do you understand what was explained in the post you are referencing?

You have to find the files that are running, and then identify the packages needed by the launch file so then you can go to the public repo of each package.

Besides, you’ll need to have your local system setup correctly, make sure dependencies are installed, that there are no version mismatch, etc.

yea I understood what was explained. But the thing is I can’t use ps faux as for now to find the files that are running.

you can, that command is like typing ls, it will always work.

What are you trying to do? If you want to see the ROS processes running withing a launch file, you can do something like ps faux | grep .launch, If you don’t see anything, that means no processes matching that word are running.

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