Cancel automatic payment


I don’t want for now my card to be billed monthly. I want to cancel automatic subscription but not cancel my actual subscription. I see button “Unsubscribe” but I’m worried it will cancel my paid priviledges.

How to cancel automatic reneval without canceling my paid account?

If you have been charged for this month and you cancle your subcription (for example today). In that case, you can use the course end of the month (31.10.2022). If the billing cycle is different e.g. you will be charged for the cycle 05.10.2022-04.11.2022 and you cancle today. Then you can use your account only for today.

Also, perviously construct was selling some courses for lifetime subcription. Those courses will be available all the the time on your account.
I have no idea what happens to the courses completed by you. Will those courses will be available for lifetime?? Someone else might comment on that.

Hope this helps.

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Perhaps we should rename that button!

What the button does is exactly what you want - cancel automatic payments. Your paid privileges remain intact. Your course progress and all other data also remain intact.

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