Cannot Access Class , I already Subscribe

Hello , I just complete the payment for subscribe the Class , but nothing happened , I still cannot unlock any of subscribe Class

Please help me , Thanks

Hi @yusufbadriawan,

Thank you for subscribing, and for letting us know about this issue.

The problem is that you have subscribed to the Developer plan, which does not provide access to paid courses. If you want access to paid courses, you need to subscribe to the Learner plan.

Please let me know if you want to keep this plan or change to the Learner plan.

oh okay thank you so much , I want change to subscribe the learner plan , Can you help me for that ?

I have canceled your subscription to the Developer plan and refunded the amount you paid for it. You should see the refund on your bank statement in 5-10 days.

Now you may go ahead and subscribe to the Learner plan.