Cannot access ROS2 industrial ready master part 1 and 2

I subscribed but could not get access to ROS2 industrial ready master part 1 and 2

A few weeks ago, I also asked that same question via email.

Actually, the content in ROS2 industrial ready master part 1 and 2 has a large cross with other courses we do have access to.

The below is reply via the email from The construct:

About the benefits of the Enterpise license:

  • You get access to ALL THE COURSES we have in the academy. Those include:

  • [Mastering Mobile Manipulators]

  • [ROS2 Industrial Ready training]

  • [Managing fleets of robots with Open-RMF]

  • All the development courses:

  • [Docker for robotics]

  • [Git for robotics]

  • [Continuous integration for robotics]

  • [Jenkins for robotics]

  • [Web programming for robotics]

  • You will be using an 8 CPUs machine instead of a 2 CPUs (regular license) while doing the courses and projects

  • You will get access to all the remote real labs that we have

Those are the main benefits.

The cost for a year access is 2.399€. In order to get such a license, you only need to tell us and we will provide you with the payment link and update your license.

Let me know if you have any questions


@ke.zhou.keep.going is right.

However, you should email us at to get the latest price for the Enterprise license.

Additionally, we might have the option to buy the Enterprise license on the subscription page soon.

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