Cannot Book a session with Real Robot

I am trying to book a session with RoBox - 24/7 Remote Real Robot Lab - but i am not able to book a session, I dont see available slots, why is this happening to my account? My colleagues account seem to be fine,


You have to book in the introduction section, click on Book Session:

Here’s a short video clip showing how to do that:

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I did that, but in my case, I can not go beyond the “confirm” button. I tried in other browsers and same behavior.

Any ideas?


Hi, could you please try again?

Hi, sorry for digging old topic, but is there any solution for the problem with the confirm button? I had that problem today. I booked one session and I can’t reserve any other :confused:

Hi Mondiegus,
the reason you cannot book more sessions is because you have already booked 2 sessions this week. At present, students can only book 2 sessions per week.

In order to help you progress faster with your project, I’m providing you 2 more sessions for this week as something extra.

Please use them wisely :wink: