Cannot connect to real bot in Lab

I am trying to connect to real bot in Lab to test rosject. I have got this:

I think it is said the robot is connected, but I still cannot see anything in the window with joystick.
And when I check here and press ‘connect’ button:
it shows like this:

it shows like:

So whether I am connected to robot or not then?
I don’t really unuderstand this error. How can I connect robot ‘before’ booking a session?

And there is another step to ‘configure’ robot with some given command, in ‘robot available - configure’:

but this step is not shown in guideline. So when should I do this configuration? I have tried different order, but it neve works. I don’t know if it is the my problem to do it with wrong order or something else.

Please update a more detailed guideline including at least all steps we need to do to connect.

Hi @MeineLiebeAxt ,

These instructions are clearly mentioned in the jupyter notebook notes that you are provided with in the rosject.
Please read those notes again. There is also a small video on how to connect to the real robot. This video is also in the notes - just scroll down after “actions” section to know about this!


Thank you! I was confused why the robot icon with ‘star’ is completely not mentioned in tutorial video…
And I can actually nothing to do with the connection problem now. I will send e-mail to TheConstruct team to consult about this problem.
Thank you for you patience again!

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