Cannot find face_recognition_pkg

I am unable to find the face recognition_pkg as we need to copy the person images from there. Also, I have a doubt regarding the working directory. Do we need to create packages in catkin_ws or my_catkin_ws_python3? for this exercise.


Sorry for the late response.

The issue has been fixed and updated the notebooks to make this clear for the user.

Answering your questions:

  1. All the packages have to be created in the python3 workspace created at the beginning of the unit. Its also important to source correctly as indicated when executing the recognition scripts, and deactivating when launching the move fetch or the keyboard teleop.

  2. the face_recognition_pkg is now indicated to be downloaded. This is because we only need the images inside to be copied to our package.

Here are the solutions for this unit and the Aibo project:

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