Cannot kill process

Hi, I am in section 4 and I am unable to kill the process after hitting bg

Hi @tc3021,

if you have a process running and want to run it in background, you have to first press CTRL+z

This will put the process in stopped mode in background.

To make it run in background, then after the ctrl +z you type bg

Please be aware that the bg command has to be executed in the same shell/terminal where you ran ctrl+z.

Please let us know in case the problem persists.

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I have executed “Ctrl+Z” then entered"kill PID" and then “bg”, from here it is endlessly running and I cannot stop the process even if I enter “Ctrl+C”. I also cannot enter “Ctrl+Z” again.

Can you please help me.

Hi @mathew.blevin,

if you have the PID, you can force its termination using the -9 signal when calling kill.

Something like: kill -9 PID_HERE

In the last case, you can try just reloading the page. That would refresh the terminals.

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