Cannot launch sample package

Files needed for going through exercises aren’t loading( as shown on picture), what should i do ?

Hi Filip,
I found what your problem is. The problem is that you had a package wrong in your catkin_ws. The wrong package is called exercise23. That package had a wrong package.xml file. I found two errors in your package.xml:

  1. You removed someway the final tag of the file </package>. This was the main cause of the error message you got. Since your package.xml was wrong, the ROS system was not able to properly find other packages included in the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH.
  2. You did not include rospy as a dependency of your package, so you could not compile it.

I corrected those errors for you and recompiled everything in your area. So now you can check your packae.xml file to see how it should look. Basically I added:


So now you can correctly launch the demo


Thanks for the fast response! Now it functions properly.

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