Cannot release student licenses


I am part of a research team that is using ConstructSim to learn ROS and we are currently in a standstill, hopefully we can get some assistance. The research instructor purchased 11 licenses for use by students and he is running into trouble releasing the licenses for everyone. Would it be possible to get some assistance with this? Maybe some troubleshooting steps that we can follow because we would like to have our students begin. I can provide a receipt with the proof of the 11 licenses purchase if necessary, thank you.

Hi Nathan,
I replied to your professor (Sambit) on the 20th October by email asking him to tell me when he would like to have the 11 licenses activated but I received no answer. Can you please let me know by email if we have to activate them now? I need your professor to certify this, since I do not have any record about you and cannot get sure that the licenses belong to you.

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Understood, no problem I am actually in a meeting with him right now and I will let him know that he needs to contact you.

Hello Sir, Dr. Bhattacharya has told me that for some reason he hasn’t received an email from you. He is unsure if they are being filtered out or if they are just not going through. Is there an alternate form of contact that can be used? He noted that he will be looking out for emails from you.

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