Can't access any class, except free class though I already subscribe

I already paid for developer plus but I can 't access any course ecept free course

Hi @hij1995,

Thank you for subscribing and welcome to the Community!

Please check again, you should be able to access all courses except the ones marked “ENTERPRISE”.

Then How can I get Enterprise course?
If I can’t reach the Enterprise course, I want refund
Thank you,

To access the Enterprise course(s), you need to subscribe to the Enterprise plan. To subscribe to the Enterprise plan, please send an email to requesting access to this plan.

As per your request, I have canceled and refunded your subscription to the Learner plan as it cannot access the Enterprise course(s). You should find the refund on your bank statement in 5-10 days.

I have similar problem I already paid for developer but I can 't access any course except free course


In your case it’s different. You subscribed to the Developer plan, which does not grant access to courses. It grants access to the ROS Development Studio premium features, which is more suited to people already familiar with ROS (a.k.a. ROS Developers).

To access the courses, you need the Learner plan. If you wish to subscribe to the Learner plan, we could cancel and refund your Developer subscription and then you can subscribe to the Learner plan.

OK. I make a mistake.I’m sorry.
Could you refund my Developer subscript?

And then, I will subscribe to the Learner plan again.

I have refunded and canceled your subscription to the Developer plan. You should find the refund on your bank statement in 5-10 days.

Having the same issue. I subscribed to the Developer plan thinking it would give me access to the courses. I don’t need access to the ROS studio, just the course content. Please refund me as soon as you have the chance. Thank you!

Part of the issue is that when trying to access a course and the notification comes up saying you need a subscription, you logically click the subscribe button. That takes you to a page that makes it look like Developer plan is a cheaper alternative to the learner plan. It should really be more obvious that there is no course content available through it.

Hi @braytonlarson,

I have refunded your Developer subscription. You should find it on your bank statement in 5-10 days.

Your feedback has been noted.