Can't book OpenManipulator real robot

I was able to book the OpenManipulator robot the other day, but now I don’t even see that option. In fact, the only robot I can book is the Turtlebot, because all other robots are exclusive to enterprise users.

  1. Why can’t I book the OpenManipulator anymore?
  2. Why can non-enterprise users only book 1 robot?

The Open Manipulator robot is unavailable now, due to lack of use from students. If we see more interest like this, we will work on adding it again.

Non-enterprise users can use the turtlebot3 lab. For other labs, you must have an enterprise license. This is how the system is offered

That’s disappointing. I was looking forward to using it since I just completed the ROS Manipulation course.

I understand that’s how the system is offered. I guess my real question was what is the reasoning to offer only 1 robot to non-enterprise users? It’s really limiting, and having access to multiple robots was one of the most exciting features of the subscription. Surely another robot could be added in place of the OpenManipulator.

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