Can't see perception of object and object, which topic to select and why?

When I add object using command
rosrun gazebo_ros spawn_model -file /home/user/catkin_ws/src/table.urdf -urdf -x 1 -model my_object

I could see object in simulation.
I run rosrun rviz rviz
then add RobotModel, PointCloud2 (selects topics as /rbkairos/front_rgbd_camera/depth/points)

Image (selects topic as /rbkairos/front_rgbd_camera/depth/image_raw) I could not see anything in Image window.
When I select topic as /rbkairos/front_rgbd_camera/rgb/image_raw then I could see brown object.

Although I could see only Robot Model on display pane and no perception of object.
So which topic to select under Image and how to see perception of object? refer attached screenshot

Hello @fahad-khan ,

As explained in the notebook, you have to select the /robot/wrist_rgbd/depth/points topic:

Please take into account that you have to point the arm camera to the object in order to visualize it.