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I am struggling in the ros2 Navigation course in the 2nd chapter (How to build a map) in the part ( Creating a cartographer launch file for your robot) i did not undrestand what i need to do and the file paths is not clear so i hope some one clear it What to do where is the cartographer_ros package what i will do or where is the cartographer_node

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Hi @ghassan11 I can see where you might have found it confusing! For the part that you are talking about, you are meant to follow the instructions for Exercise 2.1. The instructions specify that you have to create a package named cartographer_slam with launch and config directories, and launch file inside the launch directory. The launch file that you create will launch two nodes/executables cartographer_node and cartographer_occupancy_grid_node from the cartographer_ros package which should already be installed on your system. You can check by entering this into the terminal:

ros2 pkg list | grep cartographer

If cartographer_ros appears in the list then you do!

You do not need to know where the package is or worry about the code inside the nodes/executables. Just launch them from your launch file.

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P.S. If you get stuck on what goes in the launch file, there are solutions in the tutorial if you scroll down far enough!

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