Catkin_make hangs after "-- BUILD_SHARED_LIBS is on"

I tried to catkin_make my package, and it hangs after the – BUILD_SHARED_LIBS is on, as shown in the image below. Does anyone know what is the issue? Thanks!

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Are you allowing time enough to compile? It looks like you interrupted the process with Ctrl+C before it could finish.

Also, I can see you created another ROS catkin workspace named catkin_robot. Have you checked that there is nothing wrong in the default catkin_ws?

Thanks for your reply.
The program runs successfully on my own VM. I interrupted it because it takes much time and just hangs. I didn’t change the default catkin_ws and it is empty in the /src folder.

I’m in exactly the same situation in melodic. It is recommended that you use kinetic or another distribution.