Catkin_ws dont have cmakelist.txt file nor package.xml file

I have been facing a lot of difficulties while solving exercises which are related to this launch errors not the file erro but not having this file nor i am able to find the cmnake list .txt file and package .xml file, how will i add dependencies if i wont be able to find these files inside the package, its irritating and takin a lot of my time , I am not new to ROS , so the errors that i am facing are known to me and I know there is a problem with the package


I am sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulties with launch errors and the absence of certain files such as the CmakeList.txt file and package.xml file. To assist you further, could you please provide more information about the specific unit and exercise you are working on? Additionally, it would be helpful that you post there the commands you are executing when encountering these issues. With these details, I’ll be able to guide you step by step to you resolve the problem.



as you can see this… even in the src folder I havent seen any cmake list file or anything
its ROS navigation course chapter 3 mapping and even chapter 4 robot localization one while working with husky robot i guess, when in the instruction given
i am not able to locate where this packages are

catkin_ws/src does have a CMakeLists.txt, but we hid it, as you don’t need to modify it. It does not have a package.xml, because it is not a package.

When you create a package in ~/catkin_ws/src using catkin_create_pkg, you will see its CMakeLists.txt and package.xml

Ensure you create all packages inside ~/catkin_ws/src.

You can see the husky_navigation package, by doing roscd husky_navigation. If it’s a package you are supposed to create, please ensure you create it. If it’s a ready-made package, it will work out of the box.