Catkin_ws switched with another course


A student is following opencv for robotics and navigation courses.
This morning all seemed ok.
But this afternoon, the scripts written for the opencv course have been replaced by
the one written for navigation course.
So no opencv scripts anymore.
Can yous propose a solution ? because, this student has to code them again.

Hi @MathIMT,

I apologize for this problem.

From the tone of your message, it appears you are not the student. If so, could you please ask the student to post a message with their account so that we can check for them?

Or, are you the student? If so, could you please check again to ensure that the problem is still there, according to the note below?

It’s possible that when you switched from the Navigation course to the OpenCV course, the files of the OpenCV courses were not yet fully downloaded and the files of the Navigation course were still there, making it look like the OpenCV course files have been overwritten. Given a minute or two, this should clear out.