Certificate for ROS for Beginner Path

Good afternoon,

I finished the ROS for Beginner Path, the system said that the certificate will be issued within 2 hours. But I have been waiting for 6 hours and did not see any certification.

What should I do in this situation?

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I just finished it yesterday evening, and haven’t taken the certificate yet as well…

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@qhuy.phm @thehitmanomar,

I’m sorry that you cannot see your certificates yet, please bear with us. We need to fix some issues preventing the certificates from showing as they used to be.

But rest assured that your certificates are safe and will show up soon. I can see that you both performed very well. Good job :+1


Thank you, please keep me informed about this issue.


Sure, we will keep you posted.


Alright got you ! Thank you @bayodesegun for your quick response :slight_smile:

Hi @bayodesegun, do we have an estimated day for this issue? I think it takes way too long than expected.

Hello? It has been a week since you start working on the issues, is it that hard to put on a certificate?

@thehitmanomar @qhuy.phm

Thanks for your patience. You can now find your certificates on your profile, in the Accomplishments section.


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Thank you @bayodesegun, I appreciate your and your team’s effort to bring us the best learning experience.

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I am facing the same issue, I took the exam yesterday. And came back and found out it’s still not there.
Please find attached image. I probably misunderstood?

Hi Rishi,

Welcome to the Community.

The exam you took, EXAM - Ultimate Code Foundation Challenge, does not offer a certificate.

See how to obtain a certificate.

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