Certificate name change and grade

I’d like to know if its possible to change my certificate name. I saw that I haven't written my full name on my profile before and Id like my full name on the certificate.

Also, I’d like to know if I can, after getting the certificate, resubmit my code in order to try to find my errors and correct them. If I resubmit, I’ll lose my previous certificate?

Kind regards, Gustavo Duarte

Hi Gustavo,

Yes, it’s possible, but you have to contact us.

I have reset your certificate so that the name so that the update name will reflect on it. Before you open the certificate again, please check that the name is exactly as you want as it will be locked again after that. The name will be displayed in the form first_name last_name.

No, you won’t.

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Hi @bayodesegun,
thanks for your help :blush:

Kind regtards, Gustavo Duarte

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