CH2 - Bassic control of drone

Hello, I’ve purchased a subscription to start the course. But the thing is I can’t manage to change the velocity to position even though I followed the steps from the course.
When I enter the linear value of z to 1, it just flies off straight to the sky.

When working with drones that move in a 3-Dimensional space the z axis is the up/down axis. Sometimes this can be confusing since in the 2-Dimensional space its the axis of rotation. In other words a wheeled/tracked vehicle will rotate around the z-axis when turning as does a drone it will still rotate round the z-axis, but can now move in the z-axis, it’s a subtle difference. One a simple rotation clockwise/anti-clockwise around the z-axis the other is a movement up/down in the z direction. I don’t know if this was what you were looking for but I hope it might help in someway. It would be helpful if you specified the exact chapter and problem or example you referring to. This would help in providing a more specific answer.

Thanks for your answer.
Sorry for not being too specific, but I was talking about this part of the course. Just wanted to move the drone one meter in the air.

Strictly speaking your are ordering the drone to move up with a velocity of 1 m/s so it will continue to fly up. This is why loops are used to control time. If you wanted it to go up to 5m you would run it at 1 m/s for 5s. It just comes down to the equation distance = velocity * time so using this equation you just need to decide on two variable say d for distance, t for time then your velocity = d / t. This is true for x, y, and z. If you want to go up in z then move forward it would then be x. The angular variables are in radians/second so you need to again determine how much you want to rotate/turn and around what axis assuming you can move around that axis. Drones have many more degrees of freedom then cars which are 2-D its almost always around the z-axis. The exception in when you have mecanum wheels (omni-directional) then you can move in combinations.


Thanks for your help man :smiley: ! I will try that. But still, I gotta ask why doesn’t it work like in the course notebook?

Oh I see now, those are just hints. Not really the whole answer. Sorry for that man, your help was much appreciated :relieved: