Chain two catkin workspace

I have a catkin workspace A which is constructed by “catkin build”, another workspace B, is constructed by “catkin make”. May I know that is there a way to connect both workspaces A and B together.
I have look through the internet, I understand that I need to construct a new workspace C, to overlay A and B. I follow the instruction in, but I am unable to “roslaunch” the package in A when I am working under workspace C.
Thank you for reading this post.

Hi @zhangmingcheng28,

Could you please refer to the answer in this post by you? The questions seem related.

I would suggest that you don’t use the overlaying here as it can be complicated. I would suggest that you combine the contents of the src subfolders of both workspaces and run catkin_make again. For example, copy over all files in workspace A’s src to B’s src and rebuild B again with catkin_make.

Please let us know if you are able to get it.