Changes in the note book

Today april 10th 2020 i had a pop up window telling me the the notebook has changed with the following message.

The notebook file has changed on disk since the last time we opened or saved it. Do you want to overwrite the file on disk with the version open here, or load the version on disk (reload the page)?

  1. It’s not clear wich version i should use. ( the version on disk is the new version or the one in my workspace ? )

  2. If you changed the notebook, it is probably for a good reason.
    witch part of the note book should i look at for important differences.

Hi @fgenestcvdl,

Thanks for letting us know.

It’s better to load the version on disk, because it would be the latest. In any case if you close the course and come back later after 20+ minutes, the latest version will be loaded.