Chapter 11 - Hopper Project - Error /monoped/joint_states not ready BUT it is

I’m getting this error: [ERROR] [1586896803.659844, 7.617000]: Current /monoped/joint_states not ready yet, retrying for getting joint_states
but looking at the topic using “rostopic echo /monoped/joint_states” I see data coming while the training is running. I don’t understand how it’s possible that the cannot get it…
Someone had the same problem?

Please check that you are unpausing the simulation before doing the check of the /monoped/joint_states, otherwise it could give you problems. But if you are sein the topic publishing while your program is giving that error, then there has to be something wrong in the checking of that topic is ready or not.

Could you post your code here through a git or something?

I sent you a private message with the code to not ruin the project work for other students!