Chapter 11 - Hopper Project - how to even begin

So this Chapter gives no real guidance and help. Are we supposed to figure it out ourselves completely? Are we supposed to use the existing packages in the public_sim_ws? Because I had a look at those, and there are many things that are much different and more complex than anything before in the course.

some examples:

  1. the use of
from controllers_connection import ControllersConnection

instead of using a controllers list

  1. the use of
from joint_publisher import JointPub
from monoped_state import MonopedState

instead of initializing the publishers and subscribers directly in the robot env.

  1. What the hell is ContactsState? A little explanation of the robot and its sensors / topics would be appreciated

    as far as I can tell, the example in
    uses no robot environment altogether. This goes against all that has been taught so far.

Its supposed that you have to create all by yourself in this last chapter yep.
But I dont quite see what you say here. Could you indicate a bit more what is the issue? So we are talking about the chapter 11 : Project Training Hopper right?
With the two example scripts is not enough? What would you need to make it more clear?