Chapter 11 - Hopper Project - Rviz and orientation problems

Okay so in Rviz when trying to display the model there is following Error:
No transform from [base] to [monoped/base]

Also when monitoring the /odom and /monoped/imu/data topic, the orientation doesnt really change, even while running the simulation given in public_sim_ws

This looks like there is no parent frame to the base frame of the monoped

Now the weird part:
I changed the given public_sim_ws code, so that where it calculates the rpy from the /monoped/imu/data topic, it Prints the rpy. It does EXACTLY the same as my own subscriber, BUT for some reason, the rpy actually represent what is happening, while mine dont change :thinking:

Okay update: my own subscriber now gives me the correct values for some reason… I didnt change anything. Well, the rviz Error still persists

You are totally right! We hadn’t used RVIZ with the models with this simulation so we did not detect that. The TFs solve correctly , so you can have an idea of what’s going on. We have posted this issue in our internal tracker and we will start solving it ASAP. Thanks for detecting the issue ;).

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