Chapter 11 - how to get controllers list

So again I have troubles with the controller_manager not answering. I want to get a list of the controllers of the monoped. So I call the service like this:

rosservice call /monoped/controller_manager/list_controllers "{}"

However, it just does nothing. It waits for a response forever. In fact I have never gotten the controller_manager to respond to me ever. Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way of getting a list of the controllers?

rostopic list | grep controller

This will list all the topics of the controllers active. Then just add their names:

Ex: /monoped/haa_joint_position_controller/command -->haa_joint_position_controller

my_robot_namespace == monoped
my_robot_controller1 == haa_joint_position_controller

I finally detected how to get the controllers always:

  1. First of all, the simulation has to be unpaused. This means that the topic clock is publishing. To see that just do:

rostopic echo /clock

  1. If it doesnt publish anything , it means that the simulation is paused. To unpause it, just call the unpause service of gazebo simulator:

rosservice call /gazebo/unpause_physics “{}”

  1. Once the clock is running then to get the list of controllers just execute the following command:

rosservice call /moving_cube/controller_manager/list_controllers “{}”

Please let me know if this didnt work