Chapter 2 Exercise 2.1: confusion about the necessity of ls command

I can see how we were able to locate the file, but i’m confused on the usage of the ls command. I thought the intent of it was see the contents of a folder, but in this case it seems like it wants to trigger the action itself. Can someone help me understand why it was included?

Hi @ryan19rodriguez,

Yes, the intent of ls is to list the contents of a folder. In this case, you should not put the name of the file in front of the command. In case the file just showed up automatically, it may be that you used autocompletion by pressing TAB instead of RETURN or ENTER.

To execute the python file, just type the following on a new line:


Could you please try that and let us know?

By the way, welcome to the community!

It worked and I understood it! Thank you