Chapter 7 completely broken

okay so it is completely unclear what to do and how to get it to work. Following the steps does not lead to anything.

Okay this one was a long journey. The biggest issue I had, the author assumed a few things which were never mentioned. PLEASE after this in the tutorial:

But, as I’ve said before, let’s focus on the training script. Inside the experiments folder, you’ll find a file that is called . This is the training script for the deepq algorithm.

add something like this:

Copy this to your my_cartpole_training/src directory.

This line would have saved me about 4 hours of pulling out my hair xD.

And there is still the problem that the learning will take probably many hours, so the second part of the tutorial with saving and loading the learned model is somewhat hard to do.

Also, there is the problem that no matter what learning methods I use, after a while the program stops(does not exit or fail, just doesn’t continue) with this message shown:

/gazebo/unpause_physics service call failed

this makes successful learning basically impossible

Thanks a lot for reporting these issues.
Could you post your files and how to launch them and the unit where to launch them?
We will work on solving the issue and adding any other suggested modification of the notebooks to make them more clear for the user.
Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience

I posted a lot of other problems and suggestions as feedback in messages at staff This here is just the tip of the iceberg :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I keep doing that or post them here in the forum? Because I have only gotten answers here so far.
And I’ll try to reproduce the gazebo physics error

Alright I did a very quick and simple test:

  1. went to Chapter 2. Exploring the ROS + OpenAI structure
  2. executed following command:
    roslaunch cartpole_v0_training start_training.launch

and It took literally 5 seconds after it started learning and executing, that the error came up.

/gazebo/unpause_physics service call failed

I just executed the exact same commands and it worked, and didn’t crash so if you could post some kind of video showing all the process from start of the unit to crash it would help , because from my side cant reproduce the error I’m afraid.
Try also to launch with “–screen” tag in the roslaunch command to see any error that might arise.

cartpole_v0_training is the default simulation package, not something I created. I did not touch any of the files that are being launched or have anything else running in the backgournd. Sometimes the error occurs fast, sometimes it takes several minutes. Perhaps leave it running for 15 minutes and see if it happens

Now I get the error, thanks ;). We will work on that immediately.

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Just to update you on the fact that we are working on this issue.
As soon as we solve it we will let you know.

Ok we have deployed a solution for the gazebo puase issue. Please feel free to test if its working for you.

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Thank you, I will check as soon as I have access again

Just a small heads-up. Due to a change in the openai/baselines package the function is no longer working in the newest version (When working in a local environment). The new save, load behaviour is documented in the Maybe it is an idea to add a small instruction note to the course that lists the versions that were used for the course in the online simulator.