Clarification please local and global costmaps

Hi All,

this quote is not clear for me
“Note that the static_map parameter is set to False. This is because the local costmap is built from the laser readings, not from any static map”


Although the sentence makes sense in the context of local planner but Where is False set here ? I do not see how the map is static except in the costmap_common_params.yaml in where it’s set to True by the way.

the same applies here:
“Note that the static_map parameter here is set to True. This is because the global costmap is built from the static map you created in the previous steps.”


My guess is that for both quotes it refers to the “rolling window”.
in the global_costmap_params. yaml, the map is statically loaded as a global “reference” somehow and it makes sense that here the rolling window is set to False
But when the local_planner uses the segmented maps (provided by the global_planner, the sensor readings are done dynamically , thus the rolling window is set to true.

Can somebody clarify please?

Hello @r2s.sugreev,

Yes, you are totally right. Those quotes are quite confusing here. As you said in your post, we are using the rolling_window parameter here to differentiate between the local and global costmap usage. Also, note that in the global costmap parameters we are loading the costmap_2d::StaticLayer plugin (which will manage the conversion from the static map to the costmap), while in the local costmap we are not.

I will update the notebook in order to better explain this part.