Class declaration: "';" needed - feedback

I ran into an error when trying to compile my code for exercise 6.1. I realized that a semicolon ( “;” ) is needed after the closing curly brace ( “}” ). This is shown in the longer code examples, but isn’t shown in the shorter ones. For example, in section 6.2.1 How to define a class in C++ the code example reads:

class Hobbit {
       string name;
       float height; //in meters
       int age;

      void get_name() {
          cout << "This hobbit's name is " << name << endl;
     void convert_height_to_cm();

There is no “;” shown to finish the class definition. For the most basic example you then have:
class Hobbit {}
again without a semicolon. The snippet in section 6.2.3 has the same omission. Since the semicolon seems to be essential, I think you should include it in all of the code snippets so that it’s clear that the semicolon is essential.

Just updated the notebook with your suggestions @comm . Many thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. As I’ve said before, the feedback is meant to be constructive. The quality of the courses I’ve taken is very good, so it makes these little lapses more noticeable. And I’ve been very pleased with the responsiveness to feedback.

Thanks again for the site.