Cmake error exercise 3.4

cmake error despote following the instructions properly , I am unable to find whats the error
kindly help

attaching an image for a reference


I have faced the same error. It is the double quotes that you are using. The code provided has non-ascii double quotes. [I guess this is the problem.]

Your Solution:
Delete the double quotes on that include line and type it in manually from your keyboard.
EDIT: Do that step for all the double quotes in your program file.

That will fix the problem. Let me know if this did not work.


hi @girishkumar.kannan , thanks for your reply , well i solved the issue but it wasn’t the double quote , it was with the include file , i renamed it to just #include “robot_manager.h” instead of “my_robot_manager/robot_manager.h”, i dont know whats actually differntiated it but it worked and resolved my issue, but I would like to know why there was an issue was it the path or i dont know??

Ps: I replaced this at both cpp files

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Although I cannot see your folder structure, I am assuming that you have placed the robot_manager.h file in the src folder of your project itself.
If the file was inside include/my_robot_manager then you would write the previous include line which is #include "my_robot_manager/robot_manager.h".

I hope this clears your doubt.


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