Code Foundation for ROS Python_Exam main function failed and cant view solution

So I just completed the exam for the Code Foundation for ROS path.
In both attempts, the last main function where the robot is to drive past the walls failed.
It performs the same as the example shown in the exam, and I can’t seem to see why I would have gotten that wrong.

The reason I’m asking this here is mainly that I can’t seem to view the solution to the quiz. Clicking on view solution after the second attempt sent me to a Jupyter Notebook which resulted in a 404 error.

Hello @shasthra1092,

About the 1st issue, could you please send me your packages to I will test them with the autocorrection system and check what’s going on there.

About the 2nd issue, at the moment we do not provide the solution for Exams, only for Quizzes. However, the button linking to a solution should not appear in this case. We will look into this issue in order to avoid this kind of confusion in the future.


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