Code is working as specified, still getting marked wrong

Can someone look over it to see what I am missing? I’m sure it’s some small specification error.

Hello @hgemei1,

I would need more details in order to help you better. What is working as specified but being marked wrong?


If I remember correctly, Task 1A, 1B, and 3B. In the Ultimate Code Foundation Challenge Exam. @albertoezquerro

Could you send us your code (privately), @hgemei1, so that we can check it?

To send a message privately, you just click in my name @rubenalvesbcn, then click the message button.

Hi @hgemei1,

thanks for sending your code privately. I checked the logs of the quiz, and I can confirm that there were some errors from our side, in the auto-correction script.

We will work on that code and let you know so that you can submit it again.

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Hi! I am also having the same issue with the main function from problem 3 of the Code Exam. It runs fine in the simulation when tested, but when I submit it to be graded it says the main method did not work correctly. Is it possible for me to get someone to check it out?

Hi @mmar223 and @hgemei1,

we have been reviewing our auto-correction script, and it actually seems to be working as expected.

For the code send by @hgemei1, the problem is that the ‘inf’ values are not being checked and discarded as explained in the instructions.

Could it be the same case for you, @mmar223?

Please remember to check if the value is ‘inf’ and discard it.

Remember that you can check if a number is infinite with:

infinite = float('inf')

if my_variable == infinite:
    # discard
   # do_something()