Command not found

I’m a beginner doing the Python 3 for robotics course. Everything worked smoothly in the first unit (introduction) but then when I moved on to the second unit I came across an error. Every command I put into the shell doesn’t work and says “bash: (command) command not found” or “bash: syntax error near unexpected token”. I am putting in all commands correctly and this also happens when I use an example from the notebook. I am very confused as everything was working fine before. Please help!

did you put the virtual environment up

Yes I set up the shell to the instructions exactly.

Hi @sofiachops,

could you paste here the content of the script?

It seems that you may have forgotten to put #! /usr/bin/env python in the first line of your python script, which makes it be interpreted as a bash script.

Please let us know the content of your script and which commands you are running to execute it.