Completed Quiz 1 with 0 grades

Hi, Ive submitted the quiz 3 times now… with all of the criteria confirmed to be working. First time my mark was 4/10.0, second time it was also 4.0/10.0. I figured I got it correct the next time and submitted it again but only to get 0/10 this time and I havent even changed the code as this time I wanted to just get on with the next lesson. Now im in this dilemma of having a mark of 0/10… Can you please check if the code works fine or if this can be helped please?

Many Thanks.

Hi @william.lubiantoro ,

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The error already states that you have viewed the Solution. And since this was your third attempt, I guess you viewed the solution after your second attempt.

Certainly, You cannot resubmit your quiz and you will be blocked out.

Did you view the solution intentionally?

Perhaps if you give a proper reason as to why you viewed the solution, maybe, someone from The Construct team can help you with this!


I viewed the solution after the third attempt. Not intentionally but the code was pretty much done and correct.


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