Confused about real lab functionality vs. video tutorial

Hi, I connected to real robot lab for the first time and things were not working as expected. I would like to know if I forgot to initialize something, despite having followed the steps in the video tutorial. Here were my main problems:

  1. rostopic echo /scan showed nothing
  2. rostopic list didn’t have anything camera-related
  3. rviz, I suppose understandably, wasn’t able to visualize the LaserScan with topic /scan

I was able to move the robot just fine with teleop so I don’t expect it was a connection problem. As a separate question, my rosrun command ($ rosrun scan_test didn’t seem to do anything despite it working in simulation. With a real robot are we supposed to use roslaunch?

Which ROSJect are you using with Real Robot Lab?

The turtlebot. It’s the first part of the project of the course I’m following (ROS basics in 5 days)

You could use either of 3 ROSJects for Real Robot Lab. They seem to be well suited for TurtleBot3 Real Robot Lab.

With this ROSJect “ROS Basics Real Robot Project”, I was able to run Turtlebot3 in Simulation and also topic was publishing when connected to Real Robot.

roslaunch turtlebot3_gazebo put_robot_in_world.launch

In another Terminal

rosrun gazebo_ros gazebo

@calepat It looks like for some reason the lidar motor did not start. It shouldn’t happen again, but if it does, you can turn it on with:

rosservice call /start_motor "{}"

as for the camera related topics, they are not available in the TurtleBot3, but you don’t need them for this project. I’ll update the information.

I suggest actually calling that command every time it does not work

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