Connecting to Terminal Error


I have been able to work with ROS in 5 Days for some days now but now it is not connecting to the Terminal. See picture. I have restarted the window, my laptop, the wifi router. The internet is working fine, and I don’t use any Ad blockers or VPN. Those are the only solutions I saw commented on similar questions as this.

Previous to this error, I was running a subscriber that was printing on the screen a lot of information. I couldn’t make it stop printing (even though I used Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Z), so I refreshed the window and this error started happening. How can I solve it?

RobotIgnite Terminal Error|690x388

Hi Ceci,

Thank you for contacting us and welcome to the Community.

Sorry about the problem. That’s probably just a random error because the terminal was “confused”.

It should be fine the next time you open the course. Be sure to have a look at the subscriber so that it doesn’t cause the same problem again.

Please let’s know how it goes.