Connections for the Powerboost 1000C, Micro-B breakout board, PowerPack and the LiPo battery not provided

The physical assembly instructions in chapter 2 (“Building the Physical Robot”) do not specify how these 4 components fit together:
- Adafruit Powerboost 1000C
- USB Micro-B breakbout board
- RPi PowerPack (which comes with a preinstalled battery on the other side)
- Spare LiPo battery

Could someone add/attach more detailed instructions for this? I am not too familiar with electronics and circuitry, so some visual instructions+details of the connections emanating from+to each of these components would be needed.

I’m blocked on this at the moment, so any details would be greatly appreciated. It would be ideal if the instructor could update the chapter guide with these details too, so others can benefit.

Also, there is some conflicting information in the photos – for the install location of the Powerboost 1000C and the USB Micro-B breakout board. One photo shows where the Powerboost is to be installed, but another photo shows the breakout board installed in the same place, without the Powerboost. I understand that we can place these wherever they fit, but it made me wonder whether there was a mistake in the instructions.

Either way, detailed instructions on the connections between all these 4 components would be needed. Thanks!

We created a video series explaining this in a new simplified version of the robot in this course. We used a slightly different electronics setup that simplifies a lot the electronics.
Please check that out: Video