Controller_manager unresponsive

in chapter 4, calling following command:

rosservice call /moving_cube/controller_manager/list_controllers "{}"

runs forever without output. I have encountered the same problem doing anything with the controller_manages (with academy VM and my own linux workstation). For example trying following command has NEVER worked for me, no matter which machine or setup. Same problem, runs forever without result.

rosrun controller_manager controller_manager list

Any Ideas?

What do you need it for exactly? Maybe we can do a workaround.

The command is supposed to list all the controllers for /moving_cube, which we then implement in our OpenAI ROS files. However, the command or any other controller_manager command does not seem to work

Hi @simon.steinmann91, does it throw an error stating something around the corners of “service is not available” or something like that?

No, it just does nothing. Well it does something, as it is not finishing, but it doesnt output anything, even after a long time. Does it work for you?

I haven’t tried it like this specifically. I could give it a go. But have you tried to using this controller_manager package in the launch files? does it exhibit a similar issue? or how about executing this command instead: ***rosservice call controller_manager/list_controllers “{}”***? let me know if this works out for you?