Couldn't find an AF_INET address for [rosdscomputer]


during the navigation course I got this message

[ERROR] [1588687076.524986500, 2151.290000000]: Couldn’t find an AF_INET address for [rosdscomputer]
[ERROR] [1588687076.525039221, 2151.290000000]: Failed to create outgoing connection

which is probably not connected to the course but to rds

Do I have to worry about that ?
Or do anything ?

That normally is something related to the etc(hosts and ROS_HOSTNAME or ROS_IPV6 setup. You might have changed something there accidentally? Create a new ROSject and see if that happens.

Thanks for the hint Duckfrost

actually it does not happen always (Sorry for not mentioning that)
Was just there for some times and did happen today without any further changes.
Thought I leave it as it is


Then just notify us again if it happens and any thing you might have done differently, changed ofwifi net or whatever ;).