Course Certificate Requirements

Could you please explain how the Real Robot Lab part of the ROS Basics in 5 Days C++ course is evaluated in order to get a certificate for the course? I have finished all the associated quizzes with full scores and the course indicator says 100%. However, I still don’t have the certificate. The score summary shows 0 for the Real Robot Lab part. Please see screenshot below. Thanks.

You need to complete the associated real robot project with the course. The link for this and the instructions are at the bottom of the topics, services and action units: Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses

In order to get the certificate, you must complete the rosject project and then schedule (by emailing a presentation.

@roalgoal , another question. My membership expires in a few days. I am wondering as I have completed the “course” 100% but have part III of the Rosjet and the presentation left to finish, can I do these even after my membership ends, or I will have to pay for another month to get these completed?

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