Course (python for Robotics) does not open

When I resume the course (python for robotics) it opens the previous course I had opened. My problem is that I cannot resume the course in order to take the exam.

Hi @97hackbrian,

We detected that this morning there were some problems launching the Python course, but now it seems to be working properly.

Is this error still happening?

Good Morning, my class is open now but I have the wrong files in my robot_control Directory and now I’m getting a warning saying, This course has been migrated to ROS Noetic
Please, check the instructions!
I’ve already tried switching to the Noetic class

Hi, welcome to the Community!

Could you please give more details about the above? What do you mean by “wrong files”?

Yes, we are migrating to Noetic and you should move your files over to the Noetic course.

Did you have any problems with this? Please let us know the details.