Course suggestions and feedback

Hello, I just finished the foundational and basic ROS2 courses and am liking them so far. I am looking for course suggestions:

My goal is to be competent in deploying my own robot (like utilizing raspberry pi, MCU (esp32, Arduino…), and motor controls to interface well with ROS2). So there might be a lot of low-level interfacing Arduino/GPIO code with ROS2.

I would also like to learn how to optimize the ROS2 network (which looks like the Intermediate ROS2 is the course to take).

I see that the “Create with your first robot” course is marked deprecated but still wondering if it is worth taking or if there is a newer version somewhere that I did not see.

I have been actively looking at the course contents but they are still very abstract for someone like me who is new to ROS2, so often I am looking at the jupyter notebooks of those courses. But this is kind of a hassle as I often have to start the course, and get into the Desktop environment to use the notebook review feature, just wondering if I could do the same but on the main/home page.

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

You can check all of the course notebooks by clicking on the green icon at the bottom menu bar:

Screenshot from 2023-01-09 09-48-34

Whenever I open a new unit for a course, I go to the notebook and select all. Then I paste the contents into a local note-taking app that uses markdown.

With a little bit of find-and-replace editing, I have a very usable copy of the unit notebook. I have found the online process of browsing notebooks too slow and cumbersome to be useful as a reference.